SUMMARY: The idea that the brands we use are intensely important to us and that we spend time and energy understanding their meaning and trustworthiness is a profoundly ingrained marketing fantasy. ( The Ad Contraria n)

Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian, hits the nail on the head:

LEAD-IN: “What is the reason to believe?”. It seems like a simple question, doesn’t it yet? In today’s micro-segmented audience environment, it’s often hard to come up with one reason that might resonate with everyone in your target audience.

I’ve noticed a trend that’s been emerging in the last couple…

SUMMARY: One definitive trend to emerge from the pandemic is that more people are becoming healthcare consumers. They want healthcare to be easier to access and don’t want to wait for necessary medical tests. This could lead to an evolution in urgent care centers, but it will require disruptive thinking.

COMMON SENSE SAYS: Social media, the media, and politicians love to feed our hate because we react and interact with them. Hate serves no purpose but to lead to more hatred until one day someone, or group, explodes into a mob that can’t be controlled.

Bill Maher made a good point on his show yesterday about healing the country by stopping the hate between political groups. It makes a lot of sense, but he left out something significant. To “stop the hate,” politicians have to represent voters, not special interests, who shower them with money.

COMMON SENSE SAYS: Mr. Biden’s approval ratings have declined on nearly every issue and among nearly every demographic group in national surveys over the last two months, as the promise of a return to normalcy has given way to rising inflation, a simmering pandemic, gridlock in Washington and chaos on the border and in Afghanistan. he had better find his voice because politics takes no prisoners.

I voted for President Biden and I would do so again in a New York minute but like it or not Joe Biden is floundering right now. Last week during the Town Hall with Anderson Cooper Biden looked like someone who doesn’t have answers for problems that voters care about.

SUMMARY: Consumers have a lot of money; that’s great news, but unfortunately, when they’re ready to, they often find the products they want are out of stock. …

SUMMARY: Medicare spent nearly $600 million over a three-year period to pay for four cancer drugs with no clinical benefit an analysis published Monday by JAMA Internal Medicine found. …

COMMON SENSE SAYS: (Raw Story) Democrats appear to be sick of playing by the rules as Republicans laugh in their faces and do whatever they want. It’s about time!!

In fact, Democrats are likely sick and tired of playing by the rules while Republicans laugh in their faces and do whatever they want — norms, laws, and fairness be damned. What led to this? For one Trump’s exhortation of a mob of supporters led to the assault on the…

COMMON SENSE SAYS: The people in West Virginia are going to suffer so Manchin can make money off his coal-burning plants. One has to wonder how the hell he ever got re-elected.

( NY Times) Manchin, the Democratic senator from West Virginia — whose vote is essential given scorched-earth Republican opposition to anything Biden might propose — is reportedly against the Clean Energy Payment Program, the core of Biden’s attempt to take action on climate change, and wants to impose work requirements…

SUMMARY: (Financial Times) BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna will dominate the Covid-19 vaccine market next year, generating a massive $93.2bn in combined sales and legislation allowing the government to negotiate drug prices for Medicare is all but dead.

Pfizer is tipped to sell $54.5bn worth of Covid vaccines and Moderna $38.7bn, according…

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Marketing contrarian with over 15 years of developing leading edge and award winning digital marketing initiatives.

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