SUMMARY: Pfizer will earn over 26 billion dollars from their COVID vaccine, while Moderna and J&J also look to their vaccines for more profit dollars. The suggestion by Pfizer’s CEO that drug pricing negotiations with the government would slow innovation is PR doubletalk.

Recently Pfizer’s CEO sent a video message to company employees urging them to fight proposed government drug price negotiations and expressing frustration with Congress, considering using the projected savings to help pay for a $3.5 trillion social spending package.

Here is his rationale:

When we asked the Pfizer colleagues to develop a Covid-19 vaccine in less…

COMMON SENSE SAYS: When politicians, who say they are Democrats, fail to support their President, something is dreadfully wrong. The Washington Post says, “the Democratic Party’s divide isn’t being described accurately — or at least completely. Some of the moderates aren’t just wary of controversial ideas. They are wary of the party doing too much, even if it polls well”.

Manchin has been a thorn in the side of President Biden since he took office. Joe Manchin made half a million dollars last year off his son’s coal company, meaning that coal paid him roughly three times the $174,000 salary he made last year as a public servant. Pundits don’t need to look much beyond that to understand what’s driving them towards fossil fuels.

Open secrets reported that a recent investigation by The Intercept revealed that Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.V.)’s daughter worked with Pfizer Inc.

SUMMARY: Consumers say this is the worst time to buy a house, and they believe that product shortages will lead to a recession. They’re tired of having money and being told they can’t eat out or buy products because they are out of stock, and it’s going to worse. The economy is never going back to the way it used to be.

When I got a flat tire on my Genesis SUV, I took it to the dealer since it was a particular tire size. It took four days to replace the tire because of a parts shortage. In online…

This week, The Wall Street Journal published a bombshell investigation about how Facebook responds to the flaws in its platform. The four-part report, which is largely based on internal documents, suggests that the company often plays down what it knows about these problems. According to The Journal, at least some of the documents have been turned over to the S.E.C. and Congress by a whistle-blower. Here is a summary of articles from the Times and the WSJ. They paint a very disturbing picture.

Researchers inside Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, have been studying for years how its photo-sharing app…

SUMMARY: Three House Democrats on a key committee voted against the measure to lower drug prices as PhRMA ramped up its lobbying dollars to buy politicians. “I understand that the pharmaceutical industry owns the Republican Party and that no Republican voted for this bill, but there is no excuse for every Democrat not supporting it,” Sen. Bernie Sanders wrote in a scathing statement.

The legislation would authorize Medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies, using lower prices paid in other economically advanced countries as a yardstick. The savings produced would expand Medicare coverage by adding dental, vision, and hearing benefits.


SUMMARY: Apple was once thought to be an innovative company with new and exciting products. Unfortunately, that’s in the past. Today Apple is run by a former logistics manager who only knows how to make tens of millions of dollars in salary.

The iPhone 13 is not revolutionary in any way. Apple added features that some people wanted and will charge a premium price for the privilege of owning the new phone. The same can be said about the new iWatch and iPad.

I admit that I miss the days when an Apple event would blow me away and make…

COMMON SENSE SAYS: When your state is one of the states that lead the nation in COVID infections and deaths, and you threaten to fine businesses that mandate vaccines for employees, you’re complicit in murder. DeSantis has gone beyond reason, fact, and science and must be stopped at all costs.

Via the Wa shington Post, “Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, a Republican, has descended to a jaw-dropping level of cynicism. At a news conference on Monday, he announced that if local governments in Florida impose vaccine mandates on their employees, he would fine them $5,000 for every worker. Then he stood silently by as Gainesville city employees made false claims about the mRNA vaccines that have saved countless lives during the pandemic”.

DeSantis is supposedly an educated person. The threat of fining businesses and standing there while someone spews inaccurate information on mRNA is not the actions of a person…

SUMMARY: Facebook apologized, again, for providing misinformation to researchers for their work examining how users interact with posts and links on its platform, the New York Times reported. Facebook is also home to ads for reversing a medication abortion. In reality, the “method” is an unproven, potentially dangerous intervention that the FDA has never approved. The only independent study on it was halted after a quarter of the participants were hospitalized. Why are brands still paying money to these liars?

I love this commentary from Bob Hoffman;

Facebook’s VP of Integrity (yes, they actually have one) says they have undertaken…

SUMMARY: There is a correlation between ignorance and poor health, but recent data indicates that there is also shown a correlation between red states and refusal to get vaccinated. This is a clear and present danger to us all.

Trump and many of his Republican colleagues have allowed a virulent anti-vaccine/anti-masking/anti-social distancing campaign to spread among their voters, reinforced by Fox News. A total of 17 of the 18 states that voted for Trump in the 2020 election have the lowest vaccination rates. The exception was Georgia which went for Biden by a minimal margin. …

SUMMARY: This season’s Super Bowl TV spots are already sold out, with some spots going for over $6 million. The real question, however, is will these spots actually sell products or entertain us? Internet advertising has overtaken TV because marketers tend to be dumb and follow the crowds even though online ads are ripe with fraud and suffer from poor metrics.

Television remains one of the most popular and effective advertising channels worldwide. Despite the ongoing digitalization of the advertising industry and the proliferation of online video streaming services, marketers are still embracing the potential of (linear) television for brand…

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