WHAT NOW? The Biden administration’s decision to support a temporary waiver of Covid-19 vaccine patents prompted instant outrage in the pharma sector, which argues that the move rides roughshod over their intellectual property rights and will discourage US innovation while sending jobs abroad. Biden’s top trade adviser Katherine Tai said that while the US government still “believes strongly” in intellectual property protections, it supported waiving patents for Covid-19 vaccines to help boost global production of jabs. This is the right and moral decision.

If, tomorrow, a cure was found for a deadly cancer that kills a lot of people how…

QUICK THOUGHT: Pfizer has already made $24 billion from their COVID vaccine, but that’s not enough; they want more, a lot more. They are planning to increase the vaccine price, and they’re working on an oral pill that could bring in as much as an additional $2 billion. While the U.S. Government didn’t pay for development, the German Government did. It is about providing a need at one hell of a profit margin.

I’ve been spending the last couple of days reading comments from readers of the Times and other papers on Pfizer’s $24 billion profit from the Covid vaccine…

SUMMARY: A new survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Purchaser Business Group on Health shows signs that corporate executives might be warming to the idea of government getting more involved to rein in the excesses of the healthcare system. It’s affecting their bottom lines, and they won’t stand for that. Big changes are coming.

Kaiser interviewed 300 decision-makers at large companies (more than 5,000 employees), and 87 percent said that they believed that in the next five to 10 years, the cost of providing health care would become unsustainable.

According to data from KFF’s annual survey of employers

WHAT”S UP WITH THAT: A quick analysis of two pharma websites shows that Facebook, and others, are tracking users. Does pharma even know or care?

With the release of Apple’s latest updates, privacy has suddenly become a big issue, especially for Facebook. So why then are some pharma websites tracking visitors for Facebook?

As the diagrams below indicate both Enbrel.com and Humira.com are allowing Facebook to track visitors so they can serve them ads. On the other hand, BMSs Opdivo sight doesn’t;t allow Facebook tracking.

QUICK READ:There are times when I really want to quit working in the industry and the latest news about pharma is aiming at U.S. lawmakers to stop the global push to lift intellectual property through a waiver for Covid vaccines is just the latest.

Pfizer and Moderna are going to make billions of dollars from the development of their vaccines. Even if the vaccines cost a billion dollars to develop, the ROI here is staggering while countries like India see a huge wave of Covid deaths and patients. There is no mistake here; this about simply about corporate greed. …

QUICK READ: There is so much money in healthcare that every company wants their share even if patients get hurt. The amount of money Pfizer is going to make from their vaccine borders on obscene while PBMs quietly take a cut of every Rx transaction without really adding any value. It’s going to continue until we put politics aside and say “enough.”

J&J has had problems in the past, but they’re trying to be an ethical and responsible pharma company. Johnson & Johnson privately contacted other drugmakers producing COVID-19 vaccines to join a study into the potential risk of blood…

QUICK READ: Here are some recent stories that you should all be aware of. Last month I hit 80,000 readers when accounting for email, social media, and direct traffic. I love the industry, and although I want to see some changes, I know there are many good people trying every day to make it happen.

After a year of pandemic-delayed medical treatments, doctors are seeing more cases of advanced illnesses.

With medical visits picking up again among patients vaccinated against covid-19, health providers are starting to see the consequences of a year of pandemic-delayed preventive and emergency care as they…

QUICK READ: At times, the public health response to coronavirus (COVID-19) has been scary, characterized by antimask behavior, antivaccine beliefs, conspiracy theories around the development of the vaccine, and a general belief that even COVID numbers are false. These people are doing more harm to others than they know, and they are generally making themselves irrelevant.

According to JAMA “education matters. In a study that included 9654 US adults, 48% of those who had a high school education or less believed there was some truth to the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was planned but only 15% among those with some…

QUICK READ: According to the Times 89% of all media stories on COVID have been negative. While less tan 5% of people who get COVID will require hospitalization both Democrats and Republicans believe that number is a lot higher. The simple reason why there are so many scare headlines around COVID is that they lead to traffic which means higher ad revenue for publishers. It’s time to seek the truth rather than rely on sensational media stories.

That rag of misinformation, the NY Post, had a headline that read “person dies one day after receiving J&J vaccine”. This type of…

QUICK READ: According to different polls, most brands are shifting more money into digital marketing when people are starting to go shopping again at local retailers. The reason? Because the majority of marketers are brain dead. Marketers are shifting ad spend from traditional channels (especially TV) to digital channels. But in doing so, they risk eroding brand ROI.

46.2% of users worldwide admit to using ad blockers. Why? Because online sites are becoming a pain-in-the-ass to visit. 91% of people believe ads are more intrusive now than two or three years ago, and 79% believe retargeted ads are tracking them…

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