A dose of reality for the Midwest

Trump took Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Those are traditionally Democratic states that haven’t been won by a Republican since the 1980s. He took them because white, non-college, working class feel that their jobs are going away. Here’s a little dose of reality…they are going away and will never come back.

Trump took heat for using Chinese steel to build one of his hotels, but as a business man he did so to keep costs low. It’s called free trade. A lot of manufacturing jobs here in US are never coming back because we are transitioning from a labor economy to a knowledge economy.

The Republicans, who see Trump’s election as a mandate, are already planning to cut taxes on the wealthy and corporations. This is not going to help the people in the states that swung to Trump and in fact is going to cause them a lot of hardship. Carrier is still moving jobs to Mexico along with Nabisco and, the process, they are going to put a lot of non college people out of work. No politician can stop that as it’s a matter of dollar and cents and pleasing Wall Street and investors.

People in manufacturing jobs need to upgrade their skills for the knowledge economy. The government is not going to help at a time when help is seen as entitlements that need to be cut.

Today’s tech companies are valued in the billions, with a fraction of the people as manufacturing. That is a reality of the knowledge economy. What have politicians in the Midwest done to help their voters prepare for this transition?

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Marketing contrarian with over 15 years of developing leading edge and award winning digital marketing initiatives.

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