Accenture: Pharma has no content strategy

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KEY TAKEAWAY: Life sciences companies are producing a massive amount of digital content — and it is growing, but lack of a content strategy and objectives puts growing investment and dollars at risk. Only 4% in med tech and 11% in pharma/biotech report they have a clearly documented content strategy that meets their current and future needs (compared to 42% across all industries).

78% of marketers in pharma and biotech and 95% of marketers in medical technology say their organization is producing a moderate to enormous amount of digital content and assets.

93% of pharma and biotech respondents and 100% of the respondents from med tech say the volume of digital content and assets is higher today than it was two years ago.

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1ne-Content for the sake of content is not a strategy. Pharma marketers need to develop a process that understands the needs of their audience and quickly respond with content that will hold their audience’s attention.

2wo: Pharma should be monitoring social media for content suggestions, but there is a high correlation between social media buzz and searches for health information topics. However, marketers who don’t act while the topics are still “hot” risk developing content that little utility.

3hree: There should a content information loop to determine content needs. Listen to your audience and ask HCP’s what patients are asking them about health conditions and treatment options.

4our: Content should be short, right to the point and easy to understand at a 12th grade reading level.

5ive: Old content should be periodically reviewed to ensure it is still valid.

6ix: Use though leaders to write content but ensure it “talks to the patient” like they are having a one-on-one conversation.

7even: Review your web metrics to determine of your content is being read. If not, check things like navigation and readability.

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Originally published at on April 27, 2017.

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