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Ads are not meant to entertain, they are meant to sell

Consumers don’t want to be bothered by ads on or offline so many advertisers believe that ads have to entertain audiences for success. Bullshit!!

Ads are meant to sell your product, not entertain viewers.

Here is a prefect example. I consulted with a company that makes gourmet dark chocolate bars. An inbound marketing company in Cambridge, Ma convinced them that they needed more content and informational ads. After spending a LOT of money sales went south and brand awareness was null and void.

I recommended that we develop and test some online ads focusing on the quality of the product and amount of cocoa in each bar. We used a picture of the product in the wrapper with the term “healthy indulgence” and tested it within a specific area of the country. Sales within the area increased over 30% and retailers were increasing orders for the product.

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Now there are a lot of ads out there that “entertain” audiences, but let’s face it, there is a huge disconnect between being entertained and actually purchasing a product.

By the way, one of the reasons people don’t like ads is that they are using mobile devices and with the cost of monthly service going higher they want what they want when they want it not annoying ads.

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Marketing contrarian with over 15 years of developing leading edge and award winning digital marketing initiatives.

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