AI in healthcare: Benefits and potential issues

Richard A Meyer
6 min readSep 12

Technology is rapidly advancing, and artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant strides in healthcare. AI-powered tools and applications have been developed to aid healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating diseases, streamlining administrative tasks, and improving patient care. However, as AI becomes more accessible, there is a growing concern about how much AI can do.

I: The Danger of Patients Using AI to Self-Diagnose

While AI can provide valuable information, relying solely on it for self-diagnosis can be dangerous, and in this blog post, we will explore why.

One of the most significant dangers of self-diagnosis through AI is the need for more medical expertise. AI algorithms are designed to analyze data and provide potential diagnoses based on patterns and information within their databases. However, they need to possess the medical knowledge and experience that human healthcare professionals do. Medical diagnoses require a deep understanding of complex factors, including a patient’s medical history, family history, lifestyle, and physical examination. AI cannot incorporate these critical elements into the diagnostic process, potentially leading to incorrect or incomplete diagnoses.

AI algorithms rely on the data input by users, which often consists of symptoms and descriptions provided by patients. However, patients may not accurately describe their symptoms, and there is a risk of misinterpretation. Inaccurate or incomplete symptom descriptions can lead AI to provide incorrect suggestions, potentially causing unnecessary panic or delay seeking proper medical care.

When patients use AI to self-diagnose, they may unconsciously seek information confirming their preconceived beliefs or fears. This confirmation bias can lead to patients misinterpreting AI-generated suggestions to align with their initial suspicions, which may only sometimes be accurate. This can spread misinformation and inappropriate self-treatment, which can be dangerous to one’s health.

Another danger of relying on AI for self-diagnosis is overlooking severe medical conditions. AI algorithms are typically designed to prioritize common and less severe ailments over rare or severe ones. Patients using AI to self-diagnose may…

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