Beware of the record companies

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So vinyl sales are going through the roof, but buyers of vinyl beware. Record companies, in order to fatten their wallets, are releasing a lot of titles on vinyl, but just because a title is available on vinyl doesn’t make for good listening.

I’ve been very selective about the titles I have purchased on vinyl. I only purchase titles that I know were recorded well, but what I’m finding out is that some of them sound terrible on vinyl. Why? Because the record companies are putting out trash just to get you, the public, to purchase them.

When I listen to a vinyl recording I expect great sound, but unfortunately that’s not the case. The Beatles Rubber Sould sounds horrible on vinyl in stereo, but great in mono, Stevie Ray’s The Sky is Crying is also a title that I wish I had not purchased on vinyl.

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My advice to vinyl lovers is to carefully choose the titles you purchase. Don’t think it’s your turntable because it’s not. The record companies released garbage on CD when CD’s were hot, then they tried to get us to purchase the titles again with words like “remastered” and now they want to sell you high quality digital versions of the music you already own. Try not to get suckered in.


Originally published at on January 16, 2016.

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