Blaming the anti-vaxxers is not the answer but then blame never is

  • Anti-vaxxers are vocal, and the media amplify their voices.
  • There are many reasons why people aren’t getting vaccinated. We need more data to understand why.
  • Republican extremism is part of the problem, but so is the lack of education.
  • Pharma companies should ensure that product content also contains health information to address chronic conditions.

Anti-vaxxers are incredibly vocal, and because of that, they’ve been a disproportionate focus of the media because we love to assign blame. Until we have more data to really understand why people are getting vaccinated against COVID, we shouldn’t fall into the trap of blame.

There are potentially many reasons why people haven’t been vaccinated. For example, if you have to walk a long distance or can’t afford to take time off from work, you’re going to rethink getting vaccinated, especially if you’re elderly or have a chronic disease. Right now, we don’t have enough data to understand completely why people aren’t getting vaccinated, and we need that data to make decisions on how to address the issue of the unvaccinated.

Republican politicians, keep shouting from the rooftops about the imperative of getting vaccinated. But you also need to take another virus seriously. The spread of extremism in your party is deadly — to our health and to our democracy. The 20 states with the highest vaccination rates (counting the District of Columbia as a state) all voted for President Biden. That’s no accident.

Spreading extremism is just one reason people avoid vaccines, but because their voices are amplified, the media loves to post their rants on front pages. In this issue, the media has been unfair. Before we decide on approving medications, we usually need a lot of data. The same should be true for those who are unvaccinated.

I have to admit that people who chose not to get vaccinated because they believe the vaccines have microchips upset me, but what upsets me more is an education system that fosters such beliefs. There is a lot of research that shows a high correlation between education and preventable health issues. Education of our population is a strategic investment in healthcare and can lower costs and extend lives, but our system focuses very little on prevention versus treatment.

Pharma companies, in their effort to sell prescription drugs, can be part of the solution. More content needs to address general condition health versus just asking for an Rx, and it needs to be easy to read and understand. I believe the FDA should require some “general” health information on the condition and the benefits of exercise along with a good diet on websites and collateral material.

Yes, unvaccinated people are pause for concern, but before we blame them, let’s better understand the “why” so we can address the issues head-on.

Originally published at on July 26, 2021.




Marketing leader with over 20 years of online and offline award winning experience valued by clients

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Richard A Meyer

Richard A Meyer

Marketing leader with over 20 years of online and offline award winning experience valued by clients

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