Building Mobile Apps for Healthcare: How to survive among 318,000 existing apps on the market

Key Benefits of mHealth apps

  • Allow patient to conveniently book, cancel and change appointments even from home.
  • Facilitate easier and faster doctor-patient communication/engagement as well as information exchange services.
  • Monitor and track height and weight changes, cholesterol and glucose levels, and other critical health indicators.
  • Receive notifications on the mobile devices about the latest hospital events and health news.
  • Better insights into healthcare issues based on detailed data as well as precise information processing.
  • View doctors’ photos, profiles, their publications, credentials, and records.
  • View pop-up maps showing the location and direction of the hospital, its sections and wards and the floor that the hospital is located.
  • Cost and time saving for doctors, patients and health-related enterprises.
  • Access to electronic medical records, lab test results, appointment reminders and reports from ultrasound scans, MRI scans, X-rays and much more.
  • A patient can request prescription refills or call a doctor or care facility during emergencies.

Necessary features of a well developed healthcare mobile app

  • User Registration/Logging in.
  • Editable user profiles detailing personal info, such as phone number, email and any special condition.
  • The ability to measure and monitor the vitals.
  • Integration capability for social platforms.
  • Monitoring, tracking, and reminders for chosen activities.
  • Ability to record and store patient’s chosen activities for a period of time.
  • The ability to schedule, change and cancel appoints.
  • Imaging management.
  • Push notification of urgent alerts and updates.
  • Geolocation integration.
  • Payments and prescriptions.
  • Pop-ups with maps and direction information.
  • Menu settings.
  • Access to doctor profiles.
  • Food journal and exercise plans.

Five (5) main categories of healthcare apps

Five (5) steps to developing an ideal healthcare app

1. Identify gaps that your app can close.

2. Study your market.

3. Talk to experts.

4. User experience is Key.

5. Test, test, and test again



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