Can we really stop the hate?

COMMON SENSE SAYS: Social media, the media, and politicians love to feed our hate because we react and interact with them. Hate serves no purpose but to lead to more hatred until one day someone, or group, explodes into a mob that can’t be controlled.

Voters, right now, feel helpless. For example, almost 80% of voters want the federal government to negotiate drug prices for Medicare. Still, politicians from both parties are getting a lot of money from big pharma to leave drug prices alone. Our country could save billions of dollars if Medicare could negotiate prices, but lobbying has created an exception to what voters want.

The other issue driving “hate” is Facebook and social media. The Facebook whistleblower said Facebook deliberately posts divisive information in our feeds because it leads to more time on the site. The media loves to post stories about Republicans doing this or how Biden is failing because they know stories like these lead to more readers.

Finally, there is a sense that “the wealthy and politicians are not held to the same standards as the average citizen. The evidence against Trump is overwhelming, yet he remains free to rant and rave because our Attorney General doesn’t want to be seen as “political.” I admit that I am very bothered that Trump hasn’t been indicted yet, but as a former law student, I understand that the wheels of justice work very slowly,

It’s hard to understand someone who is a racist and lies so much, but it’s even harder to understand why so many people support him. MAGA supporters tend to be more violent and believe in conspiracy theories than people who supported President Biden.

Hate leads to more hatred until it finally explodes like it did on January 6th. Word is now coming out that the assault on democracy on January 6th was fueled and coordinated on social media, yet nothing is being done to hold them accountable.

For the most part, I have cut off communication with people who get me angry in support of Trump. It might be a good idea for others to do the same. Trump is a damaged person, most likely because his father treated him so poorly. Hitler and Stalin also had issues with their fathers and mothers, which led to millions of deaths.

Originally published at on October 24, 2021.



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