Consumers say it’s still hard to resolve customer service issues

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With the accelerated growth of mobile and digital technologies, consumers are engaging with more channels for customer service than ever before. Yet consumers say it’s still so hard to navigate and resolve customer service issues across those channels.

The convergence of digital technology and customer care has been a boon for always-on consumers eager to manage interactions with companies on their own terms. There was a time when companies controlled when consumers communicated with them, using business hours to help manage the call volume of lean customer service departments. Today, consumers are in the driver’s seat with 24/7 access to communication channels that allow them to share queries, comments and complaints with companies (and the world) when it best suits them.

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Consumers have little tolerance for multiple contacts, transfers, long hold times, slow responses and ineffective issue resolution. Customers want easy.

Customer Effort — Less is More

Less customer effort equates to more customer loyalty. Consumers are in a time crunch. They crave ease of use and efficiency and reward brands that give it to them. With 44% of consumers reporting that companies do not make it “easy” to contact them with a customer service issue or inquiry, companies have a big opportunity to do better.

+ Not One and Done
While first contact resolution is still the goal, more than half of consumers surveyed (55%) experience the need to use two or more communications channels before an issue is resolved. While they are asking brands to make it easier to connect, consumers are actually working harder to resolve their issues.

Speed Wins
Consumers are eager for prompt issue resolution and the younger they are, the faster they expect it. Four in ten Millennials (40%) will try another channel within an hour if their issue is not adequately addressed.

+ Hold the Phone
Almost nine in ten of consumers (89%) feel that telephone customer service either meets expectations (60%) or exceeds expectations (29%). Consumers report being most successful getting an issue resolved on first contact when using the telephone (60%).

We Chat?

Socially Challenged

Want to Connect With Companies

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Originally published at on August 15, 2016.

Marketing contrarian with over 15 years of developing leading edge and award winning digital marketing initiatives.

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