Dear Media: Trump is irrelevant

Finally, let’s be clear and admit that Trump has zero chance of getting re-elected and is as dumb as a bag full of rocks. The media, however, loves to talk about Trump because it leads to more readers, which translates to higher advertising rates.

A former Montana governor and chair of the Republican National Committee, Marc Racicot, said it best “ Donald Trump does not possess the essential qualities of character to lead this nation, especially in a crisis.

She says, “Trump’s recent comments before and after the Russian invasion were laced with reckless propositions, cruelty, and improprieties that continue to poison and fray the political life and social fabric of the nation. The former president’s statement that NATO is nothing more than a “paper tiger” reveals a stunning ignorance of the terms of the North Atlantic Treaty, the solidarity and a 73-year history of the alliance.”

And this coming from a Republican!

First, I should say I voted for Biden. I see through Trump’s lies and sociopathic tendencies. He should be in jail and was the biggest threat to our democracy since World War II.

The recession, however, has created a lot of pissed-off voters who believe that our government should be able to control the price of gas and products. They can’t. That’s called socialism.

The Republican party can recover from Trump, but many changes have to be made. First, they need to dump Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorn, Kevin McCarthy, Lauren Boebert, and Mitch McConnell. These are the dumbest and most vile people in Congress today and should be shown the door.

The other issue that’s dogging the Republican Party is that their state voters pay a considerable price for their stupidity. Life expectancy is lower in Republican-led states, and the problem has been growing worse for decades.

Eight of the ten highest COVID-19 death rates adjusted for age have GOP governors, as do nine of the ten states with the worst vaccination rates. Found murder percent higher per capita in states won by Donald Trump. Eightof the ten states with the highest murder rates in 2020 backed the Republican presidential nominee this century.

This all comes on top of red states with higher numbers of voters in poverty and education.

Trump is nothing more than a tiny gnat buzzing around. Even those who taught him in school say that he was essentially the worst student they ever had.

The media needs to just leave him alone to his delusions. Let him fade away like the terrible nightmare he was.




Marketing leader with over 20 years of online and offline award winning experience valued by clients

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Richard A Meyer

Richard A Meyer

Marketing leader with over 20 years of online and offline award winning experience valued by clients

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