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Don’t try to fill a position with just qualifications

Too many applicants are sorted strictly by experience and certifications. With so much emphasis on choosing employees who check off all the right boxes, very little attention is paid to how they might actually do the job. It’s a system that’s prone to overlooking many qualified applicants, but today HR is more interested in just finding someone to “just do the job” without thinking “will they do the job really well?”

Everyday I see posts on my LinkedIn page for open positions with a list of qualifications. Rather than seek out disruptors who could really add value to their organization they seem quite content to post on a social media site and sort through resumes by qualifications rather than their uniqueness.

When my consultants group needed someone with an HR background to help clients who were looking to retain employees and up their recruiting efforts we didn’t post the position. Instead, we used social media to seek out the influencers who were actively writing about current HR practices and how they can affect a company’s bottom line. We were successful in recruiting a woman who had over 20 years experience in HR and she has added a lot of value to clients.

Even if an applicant doesn’t have all the qualifications you need, you should take a chance once in a while that someone can hit the ground running and learn the job while they work.

Don’t rely on checked boxes to move candidates through your system. Seek out those people who BLOG, are active on social media or have great ideas about working in your industry. They won’t come to you rather you need to seek them out, but one person who is a pirate can add a lot of value to your company and its customers.

Originally published at on June 22, 2017.

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