Facebook hid research and lied to us and people are surprised?

COMMON SENSE SAYS: When a company continually lies to the public, but advertisers and users ignore the mistruths, there is absolutely no incentive to change your behavior.

As of 4 PM, Facebook and most of its other sites are still down or having problems. If I had to guess, I would say it is either an act of sabotage by an employee or a hacker reacting to last night’s bombshell report that Facebook purposely shows us certain content to get more engagement.

I’ve been in tech marketing for a long, long time, and I was aware of Facebook’s constant lies and mistruths. I have continually advised clients to avoid Facebook at all costs.

The whistleblower’s story that aired last night on 60 Minutes was all over social media today, but it’s old news to me. I have watched Zuck and Sandberg repeatedly lie in front of Congress. The truth is that they could have easily used some of their billions in profit to develop a system of checks and balances, but there was no motivation to do so.

Recently I did some work for a healthcare client and was shocked by the misinformation on Facebook health condition pages. There was plenty of flat-out wrong information and no warning that each treatment depends on each patient’s health and other conditions. If someone made a decision based on these posts, someone could get killed.

We live in an “instant gratification” society. Too many people get their news from Facebook without fact-checking the stories, and Trump has succeeded in seeding the “fake news” narrative.

Our democracy is not free. It’s been paid for by all the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. Are we so focused on work and making money that we can’t call out Republicans’ lies and hypocrisy?

There are many things I want President Biden and Congress to address. The fool in charge of the Post Office and regulation of social media is just two items that need to be addressed. I was hoping that our new AG would have the vigor to go after these people, but Mr. Garland has let me down so far. It seems he is doesn’t want to politicize the Department of Justice at the expense of people using our laws as napkins.

Yes, I’m a Facebook user who has been put in Facebook jail many times because I speak my mind, but it’s time to put the executives at Facebook in jail now.

Originally published at https://commonsenseandpolitics.com on October 4, 2021.