Friday headlines

53 immigrants died while trying to reach for a better life. Contrary to public perception in depth research has shown considerably lower felony arrest rates among undocumented immigrants compared to legal immigrants and native-born US citizens and find no evidence that undocumented criminality has increased in recent years.

Realistically there is no longer any doubt that Trump tried to overturn the results of a lawful election, and when all else had failed, encouraged and tried to abet a violent attack on Congress.

A recent report by Mastercard SpendingPulse, which monitors national retail sales, showed that despite a roughly 60 percent increase in gasoline prices from last year, total spending at gas station convenience stores was up only 29 percent, suggesting that many are compensating for gas prices by saving on little, whimsical indulgences.

Americans have never been good at taking time off, but covid seems to have stolen our ability to do so. Two-plus years of a pandemic have made it so that we are all highly aware of the possibility of illness, but we have stopped respecting its demands. We also need to include mental health days. Employees need time to recharge and relieve stress.

Social media was furious on behalf of Kevin Ford, a food service employee, who recently posted an Instagram video unwrapping of a thank you gift he received for 27 years of perfect attendance on the job. Seeing how it contained a reusable Starbucks cup, a bunch of candy, a pen, and a single movie ticket, they decided to give Ford their own gift for his exemplary service — $270,000 in personal donations for the man so near to retirement.



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