All you kneed to know about assault weapons is that law enforcement wants them banned.

Why do gun control efforts fail? Follow the cash from the NRA to Republicans pockets. Biden is right, proposing stricter measures will only fail in Congress. Get ready for more mass shootings and thoughts and prayers.

When Ron DeSantis was elected Governor of Florida, he won by less than .5%. Since then, however, he has ruled over the state as if he won by 40%. The brazen Governor frequently abuses his power to punish those who he sees as enemies. After the shooting in Uvalde, the Tampa Bay Rays called out gun violence and donated $50,000 to Everytown’s Gun Safety charity. Now DeSantis plans on punishing the MLB team by pulling stadium funding.

Once again people are saying that if you can’t afford rent working at Wal*Mart then something is wrong. This is wrong. I worked retail for 5 years living paycheck to paycheck but I gradually climbed the corporate ladder to earn more. Minimum wage is not meant to be a “living wage”. There are a lot of excellent paying jobs out there that don’t require a college degree.

US. job growth slowed in May, economists say, in what would be a sign that the labor market is starting too cool after several months of brisk gains. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal estimated that employers added 328,000 jobs last month, down from 428,000 in April. That would be the fewest jobs created since April last year.

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