Its Tuesday! Here’s some news

There are many ways to show you love someone but getting naked is the best

Voters are in a sour mood and the Democrats are going to pay the price in the midterm elections even though Republicans have no answers except more corporate tax cuts while cutting Social Security and Medicare.

Consumers are noticing shrinkflation and brands are even being embarrassed on national TV news. Shoppers are switching to private label products in record numbers because of higher prices and smaller contents.

About those prescription drug commercials. First almost nobody sees a commercial for an Rx and rushes to their doctor to ask for it. Research shows that when people become aware of a new prescription drug they go online to research and talk with their doctor. A patient’s physician is still the first choice of medical information. DTC ads do inform and lead to better educated patients but unlike most commercials doesn’t lead to immediate conversion.

The day of car dealers maybe coming to an end. In the near future you may request a test ride online then the company brings a model to your house. Once you decide to buy you would then order online exactly configured as you want at a price that’s quoted via the online sales process.

People still appear willing to shell out to travel, go to the movies and have a drink or two, even as surging prices and fears of a recession have them pulling back in other areas. People need to spend money on things that make them happy.

If you’re traveling by air my condolences. The airlines continue to cancel flights at record levels but don’t buy their weather excuses. The airlines laid off thousands after the federal bailout. One airline received over 500 resumes when advertising for pilots. It’s how you treat employees.

Finally, even though employment is high people are being laid off. What we don’t take into account is the emotional damage it does to former employees. We shouldn’t define ourselves by how employers treat us but it’s a huge part of our lives.



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