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Marissa Mayer was a bad choice for Yahoo! CEO

So, according to the newest reports, a lot of Yahoo executives are abandoning ship, even ones hand picked by Ms Mayer. What’s happened? Simple Ms Mayer was the wrong choice to save a sinking ship.

I have followed Ms Mayer’s career for a long time and it was obvious to me that she was a person who was a legend in her own mind driven by anxious PR people who wanted to create a face for Google. The stories of her management style and missteps while at Google led me to believe that she was the wrong choice from the beginning. Not to mention that Google did not promote her to some open positions within the company.

Now there are people who wanted to believe that she was a good choice because she was a woman in a male dominated culture but that idea is one of the reasons Yahoo is in deep trouble. It’s not a matter of male versus female, it’s a matter of a leader versus someone who is self important and investors looking for someone to save a sinking ship.

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Whether Ms Mayer leaves Yahoo or not, she is a wealthy woman. You see, here in the US CEO’s get rewarded for failure with golden parachutes while the rank and file get pink slips.

Can she save still save Yahoo? I doubt it, but her personal publicist will spin it so that it appears she is blameless.

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