Monday news bits

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45% of consumers said price was the primary reason for switching to private labels, 58% now believe private labels are a good alternative to national brands, and 70% say they provide similar or better quality.

Covid continues to kill unvaccinated people at much higher rates than vaccinated people, despite many unvaccinated people having some protection from prior infections. And those with weakened immune systems also face greater risks. Red states have lower vaccination rates and higher deaths.

Americans are mad about inflation. They’re especially outraged that gasoline averages $5 per gallon nationwide. And history suggests they may act on that furor by voting the bums out. There are relatively few tools that the president and Congress can deploy to help boost oil production or moderate overall inflation. They probably won’t make a huge dent in price growth, but they could help a little on the margin. Unfortunately, these are not the things that either party is proposing right now.

Thousands of flights were canceled or delayed over the busy Juneteenth and Father’s Day holiday weekend as airlines grappled with spotty weather and ongoing staffing issues. Let’s remember the airlines laid off thousands of people after the taxpayer funded bailouts.

Drink a beer a day. In a pilot study, researchers report that compared to their pre-trial microbiome, men who drank either one alcoholic or non-alcoholic lager daily had a more diverse set of gut microbes, which can reduce the risk for some diseases.



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