Not another Monday?

Life is full of change. How we handle those changes and learn defines us.

According to Fortune we are witnessing one of the greatest contractions in the housing market ever seen. Is there any doubt this would happen? However, there are some micro markets where home prices are still high. Buyers who bought homes at the peak of the market may never see any equity.

Congress is about to pass a bipartisan gun deal that will have little effect on mass murder in this country. We still need an assault weapon ban and ban on high capacity magazines.

The US economy will tip into a recession next year, according to nearly 70 per cent of leading academic economists polled by the Financial Times. The latest survey, conducted in partnership with the Initiative on Global Markets at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, suggests mounting headwinds for the world’s largest economy after one of the most rapid rebounds in history, as the Federal Reserve ramps up efforts to contain the highest inflation in about 40 years.

After watching Cheney pile fact upon fact and make connection after connection, the actual prosecutors in the Justice Department (and local prosecutors in Georgia) will have little choice but to issue the actual legal indictments that the treasonous conspiracy of Jan. 6 requires.

The Missouri Court of Appeals upheld a $5.2 million judgment on Tuesday involving a Jackson County, Mo., woman who said she unknowingly caught HPV, the human papillomavirus, during unprotected sex in the luxury sedan of a former male romantic partner in 2017. This is beyond absurd.



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