Pharma websites tracking visitors and pharma doesn’t care

WHAT”S UP WITH THAT: A quick analysis of two pharma websites shows that Facebook, and others, are tracking users. Does pharma even know or care?

With the release of Apple’s latest updates, privacy has suddenly become a big issue, especially for Facebook. So why then are some pharma websites tracking visitors for Facebook?

As the diagrams below indicate both and are allowing Facebook to track visitors so they can serve them ads. On the other hand, BMSs Opdivo sight doesn’t;t allow Facebook tracking.

How do you think patients feel when they are served ads due to visiting a pharma product website? Facebook has continually lied to the public and Congress over the years, yet advertisers can’t wait to give them money.

Pharma needs to reassure the public that they are NOT being tracked when someone comes to their website. It’s a major invasion of privacy and shows little respect for online health seekers.

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Originally published at on April 29, 2021.

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