Republican ideology uniting the opposition? Let’s hope so

Richard A Meyer
3 min readSep 5, 2021


COMMON SENSE SAYS: Republicans are on the wrong side of almost every issue, according to polls, yet they govern like they are in control because they feel they can get away with it. With polls showing Biden’s popularity declining, Republicans see a chance to pound him, but it could backfire and unite the opposition.

According to numerous polls, because fools refuse to get vaccinated, President Biden is taking a hit to his popularity. CNN went further and said that Biden is taking major hits because he did what voters wanted him to do; get out of Afghanistan.

The media loves to grade politicians because they make good headlines. Forget the fact that polls can often be wrong and don’t mean a damn thing. What the media should be reporting is the damage that Republicans are doing to the Constitution.

Some real journalists are pondering the damage Texas’s new abortion law could do to their party. Republicans love to tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies while support programs for children. While they criticize Biden on Afghanistan, some Republicans warn that Afghan refugees could be a security threat?

In Florida, DeathDeSantis has said he will fine businesses $5000 if they require customers to show vaccine passports. Kevin McCarthy spew lies about the election and the terrorist attack against our capital on January 6th. Graham and McConnell want troops back in Afghanistan, and some Republicans want to add $25 billion to defense spending.

Data indicates that more than 90% of people in ICUs because of COVID are there because they didn’t get vaccinated. Some editorials have said that “they deserve what they got” and “who cares,” but that is dismissive behavior. We need to understand why someone would take a pill meant for horses instead of a vaccine that works 99% of the time?

Yes, I get angry when I see McCarthy blatantly lie, but I’m trying to use that anger to work against Republicans who consistently have put party above country. I consider it part of my job to vote these bastards out of the office and put them in jail if they violated the law. Our system does work, but it doesn’t work in today’s instant gratification world.

People keep asking why hasn’t Trump been indicted yet and how can McCarthy get away with a clear obstruction of justice? It takes time to build a case, especially against high-profile politicians. What people should be upset about is the fact that they felt they could get away with it.

If people don’t see the danger of the Republican party, God helps us. If people believe January 6th was just a minor disturbance, then they are living in denial. I’m hoping Republicans, by their actions, are mobilizing the Democratic party to unite and vote these bastards out of office. If in 2022 Republicans get control of the House or Senate, we will have failed ourselves and future generations.

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