Republicans are batshit crazy

WORD: I keep thinking that Republicans can’t get any crazier but I am wrong. They have all gone off the deep end and are in need of a mental enema.

But it may prove more accurate to regard them as a vanguard of sorts, as leading indicators of the future direction of a certain kind of right-wing politics that will continue gaining adherents and intensity within the Republican party.

So the Republicans have Boebertm Greene, Gaetz, Jordon, and Kevin McCarthy. Folk’s that is some batshit crazy people right there and what’s worse is politicians within their party refuse to condemn their bigotry and stupidity.

How stupid is Ms. Greene? Take a look at this:

But wait, it gets worse. Rep Massie recently asked Santa for more ammunition with this post:

Then there is this which should scare the crap out of you. On Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) proposed reestablishing the Florida State Guard, a civilian-military force initially created during World War II that would be under his command. This is a would-be dictator.

Thanks to Republicans for the first time in U.S. history, the Supreme Court is poised to take away a fundamental right from more than half of the people in the country. The CoCourt’secember 1 oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson WoWomen’sealth Organizationconfirmed what progressives have feared since former President Donald Trump added three radical right-wingers to the court: The six conservatives on the high court are about to gut the fundamental right to abortion. Please make no mistake; Barrett and Kavanaugh lied to at their confirmation hearings when asked about Roe v. Wade.

When Democrats tried to get them to state plainly their views on Roe v. Wade, they took two approaches. Some tried to convince everyone that they would leave it untouched. Others, those already on record proclaiming opposition to abortion rights, suggested they had undergone a kind of intellectual factory reset enabling them to assess the question anew with an unspoiled mind, one concerned only with the law.

Unfortunately, that lie was and is still enabled by the news media. Even in the face of what we saw at the court on Wednesday — when at least five of the six conservatives made clear their intention to overturn Roe — press accounts continued offering euphemisms and weasel words about “i” consistencies” “r “c” contradictions.”

“o show how out of touch Barrett is, she pursued a line of inquiry premised on the ability of women to relinquish their infants for adoption soon after childbirth. “I” dodoesn’teem to me to follow that pregnancy and then parenthood are all part of the same burden,” “aid Barrett. DiDidn’the existence of adoption options, including “s” safe-haven laws,” “believe women of the “o” ligations of motherhood that flow from pregnancy” “nd thus “t” take care of that problem”?

The more centrist Republicans are being shouted down or are keeping their mouths quiet, which is even more concerning, but this is the reality or the far-night goons and loonies. Now more than ever, your vote is more important than ever.

Originally published at on December 5, 2021.



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