Republicans define stupidity again and again

COMMON SENSE SAYS: When people in your party make absurd claims and lies, something is wrong. The Republican party has become the party of loons and the crazy, and it’s getting worse day by day.

How anyone could call themselves a Republican is beyond me, but there are many foolish people out there. Here are some examples of recent Republican stupidity:

1ne: Chris Cristie says, “Biden surrender to the Taliban” — Does this irrelevant man remember Trump inviting the Taliban to Camp David around the anniversary of 9–11? Does he know that Trump released 5,000 Taliban prisoners as a sign “of goodwill”?

2wo: Kari Lake, a Republican candidate for Arizona governor, said she “would not have certified” the 2020 election results. Former President Trump endorsed Lake after she suggested he should be “added” to Mount Rushmore. This woman needs to be on some serious medications.

3hree: Former Donald Trump lawyer L. Lin Wood has expanded the list of crazy conspiracy theories he’s pushing. He says the video of aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center is “computer-generated graphics”.

4our: The orangutang man says that he has been vindicated and should be awarded the Pulitizer Peace Prize because the reports from the Times clear him. This is beyond crazy; it’s delusional.

5ive: Republicans don’t want to spend $3.5 trillion on an infrastructure bill even though their states would be a lot of money. They forgot that their tax cuts added trillions to the deficit and did not trickle down to voters.

6ix: States that voted for Trump have higher COVID and COVID deaths rates because they are refusing vaccinations. Darwin’s law of natural selection or just stupid people?

This is just a sample of Republican stupidity. They continue to lower the ball with every interview, unaware that voters see right through their line of bullshit.

Originally published at on October 3, 2021.



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