Republicans used to be the party of law & order

Violent behavior on airplanes has reached such epidemic proportions that the President of Delta Airlines last week asked the Department of Homeland security to allow the airlines to submit passengers who have terrified or otherwise abused flight crews for placement on the government’s no-fly list. Eight Republicans voted against this idea.

Donald Trump has planted authoritarianism across America like some bizarre Johnny Appleseed, and only his humiliation and conviction will pull it out by the roots.

But, let’s not forget the media’s role as well. Headlines that enflame passions are the norm today because they lead to clicks and revenue. Rather than focus on what a good many people are doing, it’s easier to report on the idiots who defy common sense, law, and order.

Although I pretty much despise Mitch McConnell, he’s right about trying to rid the Republican Party of loonies. If the Republicans can get back their brand positioning, they can regain the House, Senate, and Presidency. They will lose if the crazies continue to make absurd allegations and act like radical right-wing terrorists.

A June 2021 Morning Consult poll found that about 26 percent of Americans now embrace authoritarian leanings, almost twice the proportion found in other democratic nations. The reason is that Donald Trump has socially encouraged and authorized their behavior, resulting in a nationwide acceptance and amplification of antisocial activities.

Trump is the master of misinformation because people are stupid enough to believe him. Deflating real estate value is a great way to avoid paying taxes; stealing classified documents from the White House has no penalties while your wife holds “tea” parties for a charity that doesn’t exist.

Americans love to assign blame. Healthcare costs too high? Please don’t blame the fact that most of our population is obese blame healthcare companies. Inflation? It’s Biden’s fault, not profiteering corporations responsible for 60% of rising costs.

America is in dire need of leaders who can unite us rather than divide us. I hope our democracy will produce such a leader, but I’m not sure we will wait that long.



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