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Studies have shown friendship lengthens our lives, improves our performance at work, makes us better parents and broadens our minds. Never, ever take a friendship for granted but never chase a past friend who doesn’t return your hand.

New York Fights Back on Guns and Abortion After Supreme Court Ruling. Lawmakers passed measures that would prohibit concealed weapons in many public places, as well as an amendment that would initiate the process of enshrining the right to abortion in the state constitution.

SCOTUS conservative majority, engaged in a counterrevolution against the norms of American society, is seeking to curtail the efforts of federal regulators to protect the public’s health and safety as demonstrated by the refusal to curtail CO2 emissions.

A rational jury could conclude, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Trump aided and abetted the forcible intimidation and assault of government officials, and that he corruptly obstructed a congressional proceeding (namely, the constitutionally required count of electoral votes).

I studied law. There is more than ample evidence that Clarence Thomas to the right ideology has compromised SCOTUS. For example, his recent rant about using aborted fetuses to develop COVID vaccines has been discredited by medical community. In addition to Thomas Trump appointed two other justices who were unqualified and lied at their confirmation hearings. The law is supposed to be blind but Mitch McConnell did all he could to damage our system of laws. He is behind conservative SCOTUS that has left our country worse off.



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