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The ad industry is irrelevant

If you want to see just how irrelevant the ad industry really is just pick up a copy of Adweek or Ad Age. In these promotional mouth pieces you’ll find stories about that show just how out of touch most marketing people and ad agencies have become.

The perfect example was a recent story on Progressives CEO who claims that the annoying FLO ads cut through the clutter. Cut through the clutter to annoy the hell out of us! Just Google Progressive sucks and you’ll see a LOT of stories from disgruntled former and current customers. Cutting through the clutter doesn’t mean a hell of a lot if your product sucks.

Then there was a story about how Pepsi scored a product coup via placement in a high profile film. So, at a time when soda consumption is declining and people are shying away from sweet drinks that placement is going to save their brand?

The ad industry likes to pat themselves on the back so every year they all fly to France for a week long celebration while clients have to prove that their marketing budgets are relevant.

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The reality is that consumers don’t want to be interrupted by boring and repetitive ads that irritate them. Ad blockers, for the web, have reached record numbers and more people are recording TV shows so they can skip commercials. One day advertisers will get it but for now industry promotional mouthpieces still think they are relevant. How sad..

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