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In case you have been sleeping vinyl sales are going through the roof. Technics and Sony are introducing new turntables and Rega, the English turntable company, is increasing production capacity. Even though CD technology is improving nothing can compete with the great sound of a vinyl record provided it was recorded by a good engineer.

There are some records worth getting on vinyl and some that are not worth the money. I made the mistake, for example, of purchasing Dave Mason’s “It’s like you never left” on vinyl and is still sounds really bad. Most likely the master tape was recorded poorly and no format is going to improve on the sound quality.

On the flip side, listening to some John Coltrane or Ben Webster on vinyl is an amazing experience in sound. These were artists who didn’t need side shows to showcase their music.

The objective of this website is to share my love of music with readers. I’ll talk about specific titles as well as some late breaking audio news.I hope you enjoy reading these posts and I welcome any guest posts and reviews. Nothing should come between the artist and the music.

Originally published at on January 10, 2016.

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