The blame goes to Biden

President Biden’s job approval rating dropped to 40% in a NBC News Poll out Sunday(Last Trump Job Approval 34%; Average Is Record-Low 41%). Some 62% said their family’s income is “falling behind” the cost of living, which respondents ranked as the most important issue facing the nation while sixty-three percent disapproved of Biden’s handling of the economy. Welcome to the blame game.

Wages have increased but so have prices on just about everything we buy and it’s going to get worse. Over 80% of shoppers blame corporations for price increases but they also blame Biden because SOMEONE has to take the blame. Forget. that the unemployement rate is at an alltime low, states are making more revenue and the deficit is coming down, consumers want their higher wages to go further.

President Truman was famous for saying “the buck stops here”. President Biden has to get used to that too. The truth, that voters don’t want to hear, is that the government can do very little to stop price gauging.

Prices are going to still go up. Car dealers are going to charge whatever they can above MSRP because they want a piece “consumers who have a lot of cash”.

If ANYONE believes that the answers lie with the Republicans they are delusional and stupid. Republicans are the party that’s taking away women’s rights. gerrymandering voting and they put party above country. God help us if the public doesn’t see it that way.

As much as Biden has done a good job I would prefer that someone younger run as the Democratic nominee for President. POTUS is a very stressful job and we need someone with vigor who can step to the plate and yell at the ump if the pich is out of the strike zone.



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