The cult of being a Republican

Richard A Meyer
2 min readAug 20, 2022


It’s hard to understand why anyone would identify as a Republican today. If you’re a Republican you’re

  • opposed to more gun safety laws
  • you’re against women’s rights
  • you’re opposed to lowering healthcare costs
  • you want diabetics to pay more for insulin
  • you’re protecting someone who committed an act of espionage
  • you want to control what our kids read in schools

Now the question becomes how can anyone, in their right mind, believe in any of these when there is so much public support?

The reasons are complicated but have a lot to do with anger. Trump got into office because he conned people into believing he was an outsider who could make changes. Rather than look at his resume of failed businesses and lying people bought into the clowns side show.

Then there are people who believe in the old USA ruled by rich, old white men. As that slips away they do anything to hold on to yesterday and politicians like Greene and Scott.

This brings up a huge problem with voters. They aren’t happy with “politics as usual” and want real change. They want money out of politics and term limits on political hacks that make a lot of money from PACs and lobbying.

What scares the hell out of me is the number of really dumb voters who are willing to embrace these idiots. It’s truly a failure of our education system.



Richard A Meyer

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