The media is keeping Trump alive.

Trump is irrelevant. He will not run in 2024 and is slipping deeper into dementia every day. His father had dementia, and there is a strong family genetic association which Trump seems to demonstrate every time he opens his mouth. The media, however, loves the attention Trump headlines get, especially negative ones.

The number of MAGA’s people has declined a lot, yet the media continues to focus on the minority lunatics. Despite what “polls” say, Republicans know he lost the election and is responsible for the Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress. They love to pretend they don’t believe the election results, but it’s history.

The media should report the news accurately with a balanced story, but that’s anything but true. With almost all their readers online, they need clicks, and nothing generates more clicks than a negative headline.

As Republicans skewer women’s rights and legal voting, I have a hard time believing that anyone would vote Republican, but then again, you would think we would have learned that there are no winners in armed conflict.

It’s up to each one of us to make up our minds and not have the media do it for us. Trump is a sociopath raised by a father who permanently scarred him. His sons also show the same traits that made Trump so loathed.

I’m hoping he will fade away, but the media won’t let him. That’s too bad.



Marketing and Political thought leader — Writer- Audiophile

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