The opioid epidemic was a failure of our healthcare system

The opioid epidemic is a complex and multifaceted public health crisis that involves various factors, including the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare providers, regulatory agencies, patients, and societal issues. While some individuals and entities have faced legal consequences and criticism for their roles in the opioid epidemic, attributing blame solely to doctors is an oversimplification of the problem.

Legal actions have been taken against pharma companies, and some healthcare providers have faced legal consequences for overprescribing opioids or engaging in fraudulent practices. However, it’s essential to address the opioid epidemic comprehensively, considering the various factors involved and implementing measures to prevent such crises in the future. The focus should be on a combination of education, regulatory changes, improved healthcare practices, and better access to treatment for those affected by opioid use disorder.

Originally published at on December 4, 2023.



Richard A Meyer

Marketing and Political thought leader — Writer- Audiophile