Thursday news bites

Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.

A state trial judge has forbidden the state from running this year’s midterm elections using the congressional redistricting map that Gov. Ron DeSantis forced the Legislature to enact, citing the prospect of “irreparable harm” to voters, especially North Florida Blacks.

Rapid consumer price inflation in the United States is masking signs of an economic slowdown that could threaten the longevity of current growth. While nominal personal consumption spending grew by 3.4% between October 2021 and March 2022 (the most recent month for which data are available), accounting for higher prices shows that personal consumption spending was flat overall. And inflation-adjusted retail sales look even worse, having been flat since March 2021.

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged local leaders and individuals to at least consider returning to wearing masks in indoor public settings as Covid cases begin to surge again.

The stock market fall down and go boom. Why? Major retailers report increased costs are eating into profits especially noting increased fuel costs. Meanwhile the oil companies are making billions and $6.00 gallon of gas is on the horizon.

Musk can walk away from the Twitter deal but it will cost him $1 billion. In the meantime top executives of Twitter continue to leave.

In the book “After Steve” author Tripp Mickle accurately documents the rise of Apple as a financial powerhouse but its decline as an innovative company. Tim Cook was never much of a product person, he’s more of a logistics manager. One could argue that the releases of OS X and iOS are small changes without innovation.

It could have been that a door was left ajar, or maybe a window, Julie Johnson from Tennessee isn’t sure; all she knows is that somehow, someway — a stranger was able to freely enter her house one night. This stranger however wasn’t trying to steal, but only to snuggle. A brown bull terrier with a golden heart and silent feet crept into the Johnsons’ house, jumped right into bed next to Julie and her husband Jimmy, and went to sleep, head on the pillows.

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