Trump fading to irrelevance

COMMON SENSE SAYS: When the truth comes out about the stupid things you continue to do and say, people finally raise their hands and say, “enough is enough.”

The fact is; Trump is becoming more irrelevant every day. He’s begging Twitter to let him use it again, and as more stories come out about his antics like, forgetting what he just said, people are becoming more and more alarmed. Add to that the Republican’s efforts to curb voting and restrict abortions, and we have voters ready to leave the Republican Party.

As MSNBC analyst Jessica Levinson explained, “Trump’s first assertion is that Twitter is violating his First Amendment rights by censoring him. Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions regarding the First Amendment is that it protects our right to say whatever we want without limits. This is grossly incorrect. The First Amendment protects us against government censorship. A private individual or group can absolutely tell you to shut the hell up, and in this case, to get off its platform.”

As Axios’ Neal Rothschild writes, “Donald Trump’s post-office, online engagement is hitting new lows, according to exclusive data from SocialFlow provided to Axios,” before elaborating, “Trump has tried press releases styled as tweets, launched his own “platform “ and held campaign-style rallies, yet the numbers suggest his social media megaphone has no true replacement.”

The other issue that seems to be coming to light is Trump’s poor health. A morbidly obese man who eats nothing but red meat and fast food will have significant health problems, especially with a family history of mental issues.

Republicans who align with Trump are buying a ticket on the Titanic. They are going down. Don’t believe the media stories about Biden’s poll numbers. Republicans are still putting their party above the country, and voters know that.

As for Trump? Goodbye and good riddance.

Originally published at on October 6, 2021.



Marketing and Political thought leader — Writer- Audiophile

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