Unveiling the Hiring Hurdles: Why Retailers Struggle to Find Employees

Richard A Meyer
2 min readMay 26, 2023


Retailers face many problems, but the most critical challenge is hiring people caring about customers. Bad customer service can result in lost sales. There are several reasons why retailers need help in hiring people.

Labor market conditions: The overall labor market conditions can significantly impact retailers’ ability to hire employees. If the job market is highly competitive with low unemployment rates, potential employees may have more options and bargaining power, making it harder for retailers to attract and retain talent.

Compensation and benefits: Retail jobs have historically been associated with lower wages and limited benefits. If the salary offered by retailers is not competitive compared to other industries or lacks desirable benefits, potential candidates may choose alternative employment opportunities.

Changing job preferences: The pandemic has led to shifts in job preferences and priorities for many individuals. Some people may seek jobs that offer remote work options, better work-life balance, or career advancement opportunities. If retailers cannot adapt to these changing preferences, it may become harder to attract candidates.

Perceptions of the industry: Retail jobs have often been seen as low-skill and entry-level positions with limited growth potential. This perception may deter some potential candidates seeking more fulfilling or long-term career prospects.

Work environment and conditions: Retail jobs involve demanding physical work, irregular schedules, and customer service challenges. If the work environment is not conducive to employee well-being or lacks flexibility, it may deter candidates who prioritize work-life balance or have alternative options.

COVID-19 impact: The pandemic has disrupted the job market and created uncertainties. Some potential employees may still have concerns about health and safety in customer-facing roles or may have transitioned to other industries during the pandemic.

These factors vary based on the retailer, location, and economic conditions. Retailers needing help may need to evaluate their compensation packages, work environment, and overall value proposition to attract and retain talented employees in a competitive labor market.

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