We’re the FBI and we have a warrant

Getting a search warrant is not easy. Law enforcement must show a judge that there is probable cause that a crime has been committed. When the FBI showed up at Mr Trump’s winter residence you can bet they knew exactly what they were looking for.

As Dan Rather said “one does not pursue a president lightly. And second, we may be dealing with classified materials removed improperly when Trump left the White House. What’s in those documents and what Trump might have done with that information, we do not know. But for these reasons, this search and seizure was, and had to be, shrouded in secrecy.”

He goes on to say “It likely represents the most significant criminal investigation of a current or former president ever, and that includes Richard Nixon. This search does not take place on a whim or by a rogue team of prosecutors. This move was clearly vetted by the very top of American law enforcement, and specifically by two men constitutionally averse to condoning a partisan witch hunt: FBI Director Christopher Wray (a lifelong Republican appointed by Trump) and Attorney General Merrick Garland.”

One of Trump’s remarkable tendencies, dating back decades, is his ability to avoid any and all accountability. And he has infused that impervious mindset into the movement he leads. “The law is for thee, but not for me” might as well be his motto. It is rich to see a man who flagrantly politicized the administration of justice, who was impeached twice, and who would gladly see his political adversaries subjected to fabricated charges, complain when the gears of the law grind forward in his direction. It is pathetic to see all those who have normalized Trump’s worst excesses rally once more to his defense. And it is frightening to see extremist elements in the Trump firmament call for violence.

In law school there was a course on “the rules of evidence” which covered search warrants. They are not easy to obtain but you can bet in this case the FBI and the DOJ are close to nailing a sociopath who has also avoided accountability.



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