What do you owe your employer?

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I’ve read a lot about Millennials in the workplace and how they are “self centered” but I have found this to be largely untrue. When you accept a job you agree to do your best and give your employer 100%. Your job, and how you do it, is your personal brand and you shouldn’t let anyone tarnish it.

Some companies lavish all kinds of perks on employees from free gourmet lunches to break rooms filled with all kinds of distractions meant to help people regain focus. Despite these “perks” a bad manager or infrastructure can wreak havoc on employee morale.

So what should you do if you find yourself unhappy after accepting a new job? The first thing to do is look around you to see if other employees are unhappy. If you see, for example, that people are coming in early and leaving late and that there is a lot of back stabbing then it’s a good idea to get out as soon as you can.

If it turns out to be your manager you have to determine what exactly is going on with him/her. People don’t leave companies, they leave bad managers. Above all it may not be wise to go to HR as they work for your company, not you.

The best decision you can make, however, is to just cut your losses and resign. Most people are afraid of what this might say on a resume, but if you’re honest with potential employers and tell them “it wasn’t a good fit” you should be good to go. The one thing you don’t want to do is to trash your previous employer, even if they treated you like a used mop.

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More and more employees want a better work-life balance and they place that as a higher priority than salary. You need to decide what make YOU happy and seek out employers who are worthy of your talents. I am good friends with someone who absolutely refuses to work in an “open office”. When I asked her why she said “I did that for three horrible years and want some privacy so I can concentrate and nest to make my workspace mine”.

I have good jobs and bad ones, but I always give 100%. If it’s a place where I don’t want to work I have the option of leaving and have done so in the past. I know what I can add to a company and it’s my job to ensure that before I accept any job I have done my research and know what I am getting into.


Originally published at www.hrandmanagement.com on October 13, 2016.

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