When your ego destroys you

Trump never expected to win the Presidency. His ego made him run and he thought it would be great for the Trump brand. Like almost every decision he made it was wrong.

Trump is a hot air empty suit. He’s great at personal public relations but has very limited intelligence and zero empathy. Was there any doubt that he was going to fail and be noted as the worst President in history?

Trump has broken so may laws but was able to hide in plain sight because most of the establishment knew what a conman he was. The MAGA supporters saw him as the last savior of an America of the past with huge factories and white men in power and they couldn’t see that he was all about himself and his grifting.

At every chance, during his Presidency, he enriched himself. First it was taking money that was supposed to go to his inauguration and later by communicating that his hotel in DC was “open for business”.

As more of his past comes to light those who have any intelligence understand what a moron he really was. He will be indicted and will be found guilty. If he had not been elected he could have stayed on the sidelines and remained king of an empire built on false promises.

This is what happens when your ego is out of control and you’re as sumb as a rock.


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