Why is the healthcare industry so silent?

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QUICK READ: The right is at war with science. People continue to lose health insurance at an alarming rate and Republican Governors are loosening mask requirements even as the number of people who test positive for COVID-19 increases. Why is the healthcare industry staying silent?

Where is the AMA? Where is America’s pharma companies? Where are insurers? Why the hell are they so quiet?

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The answer lies in the fact that they don’t want to go against an administration who takes revenge on people and companies who against what they say, even if it sounds like a rambling mental patient.

This week Moderna released some data that was solely meant to drive speculation on their stock and make them a more attractive takeover target. Most HCP’s understand that the data they released raises more questions than it answers and patients are left with a false hope.

And today a Doctor posted this on Twitter. Although I would love to believe I know there’s a lot more testing needed.


Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID vaccine could be here by Oct!

Phase 3 testing in 1000s of humans

Projected to be 80% effective in preventing severe disease

Pledged to produce 2 billion doses THIS YEAR!

Feeling good. This👇is not false hope:)

What? COVID-19 vaccines under development are not guaranteed to work and people who say to expect a vaccine before year-end are doing a “grave disservice to the public,” Merck & Co Inc’s (MRK.N) chief said, according to an interview published on a Harvard Business School website on Monday.

Yet, through this administration war on science, the healthcare industry has been as quiet as the still of the night. Not a word from the AMA, pharma companies, or health insurers because to them the balance sheet is more important than anything else.

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With all the misinformation out there staying silent is nothing short of a disgrace. People are afraid and need to here credible sources of health information. When an ignorant Governor overrides cities in his state and orders that people don’t need to wear masks there needs to be outrage. Make no mistake about it, people not wearing masks is going to lead to more sickness and deaths.

Pharma companies cannot say “it’s not our job to engage in this debate” if they really care about people. Health insurers should be contacting ALL their customers to advise them to wear masks and practice social distancing. The AMA should be spending money to work with HCP’s to tell people to wear masks.

I talked with a reported from a trade magazine this morning who asked me “do the people working in these industries really care?”. My answer was “yes, but too many are kept quiet by executives who don’t want to do anything to jeopardize earnings”. Will this industry ever learn?

Originally published at https://worldofdtcmarketing.com on July 16, 2020.

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