Will Democrats ever learn how to use power

COMMON SENSE SAYS: When politicians, who say they are Democrats, fail to support their President, something is dreadfully wrong. The Washington Post says, “the Democratic Party’s divide isn’t being described accurately — or at least completely. Some of the moderates aren’t just wary of controversial ideas. They are wary of the party doing too much, even if it polls well”.

Manchin has been a thorn in the side of President Biden since he took office. Joe Manchin made half a million dollars last year off his son’s coal company, meaning that coal paid him roughly three times the $174,000 salary he made last year as a public servant. Pundits don’t need to look much beyond that to understand what’s driving them towards fossil fuels.

Open secrets reported that a recent investigation by The Intercept revealed that Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.V.)’s daughter worked with Pfizer Inc. in 2016 to monopolize and raise the price of the EpiPen while the company gave generous campaign donations to Manchin.

Before it became Viatris, Mylan was one of the most significant campaign contributors to Manchin’s campaigns in five election cycles, donating around $211,000 to his campaigns since 2009 through PACs and employees. In 2010, the company’s PAC and its employees were the largest donors to Manchin’s first Senate run. Viatris is the number one career donor to Manchin, including past donations from Mylan. In Manchin’s second Senate election in 2016, Mylan was the second-highest contributor to the West Virginia senator.

Manchin is just one of the “democratic senators” determined to derail the Democrats’ plan. Others are working behind the scenes because they fear change even when it benefits all of us.

CNN is reporting that Biden is in trouble right now with plummeting poll numbers on Afghanistan and the way he is handling COVID. The Republicans are pouring salt on the wound by refusing to extend the debt ceiling even though they pushed the country to record debt with the passage of tax cuts that benefitted the wealthy and corporations.

What we do know is that money buys politicians. The lobbying arm of the pharma industry spent millions to help defeat the drug pricing bill which voters want. What’s so sad is that they bought Democratic politicians, not Republicans, who had already sided with big pharma.

However, we must remember a couple of things:

  1. The media loves to use polls as a scorecard even though polls swing both ways.
  2. Trumpism is starting to fade as Republicans go tio war with themselves.
  3. Trump will be indicted for criminal actions.
  4. People know that Mitch McConnell is a scumbag and will always put power above country.

Should you be worried? If the Democrats don’t learn how to use their power, the answer is, “yes, Republicans have never fought a fair fight and know how to use power. Democrats must learn this lesson quickly..”

Originally published at https://commonsenseandpolitics.com on September 22, 2021.



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Richard A Meyer

Richard A Meyer

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